Provided by: svn-load_1.5-1_all bug


       svn - An enhanced import facility for Subversion


       svn-load [options] [url] [targetdir] [localdir1, localdir2, ...]


       svn-load  is  a  free  replacement  for  svn_load_dirs,  an  enhanced  import facility for

       This utility will commit a single changeset that alters a repository subtree  to  match  a
       local  directory.  It  detects  filenames that have been removed or created, and uses this
       knowledge to prompt the user about file and directory movements  within  the  subtree.  An
       automatic tagging option is also supported.

       svn-load  is well suited for vendor branch maintenance, where external source is routinely
       imported and merged.

       Run `svn-load -h' for detailed usage information.