Provided by: swift_2.21.0-0ubuntu1_all bug


       swift-orphans - OpenStack Swift orphans tool


       swift-orphans [-h|--help] [-a|--age] [-k|--kill] [-w|--wide] [-r|--run-dir]


       Lists   and   optionally  kills  orphaned  Swift  processes.  This  is  done  by  scanning
       /var/run/swift or the directory specified to the -r switch for .pid files and listing  any
       processes that look like Swift processes but aren't associated with the pids in those .pid
       files. Any Swift processes running with the 'once' parameter are  ignored,  as  those  are
       usually for full-speed audit scans and such.

       Example  (sends  SIGTERM  to  all  orphaned  Swift processes older than two hours): swift-
       orphans -a 2 -k TERM

       The options are as follows:

           -a HOURS
               Look for processes at least HOURS old; default: 24
           -k SIGNAL
               Send SIGNAL to matched processes; default: just list process information
               Don't clip the listing at 80 characters


       More     documentation     about     OpenStack     Swift     can     be      found      at