Provided by: swish-e_2.4.7-6build1_amd64 bug


       Swish-e - A Search Engine


           swish [-e] [-i dir file ... ] [-S system] [-c file] [-f file] [-l] [-v (num)]
           swish -w word1 word2 ... [-f file1 file2 ...] \
                 [-P phrase_delimiter] [-p prop1 ...] [-s sortprop1 [asc⎪desc] ...] \
                 [-m num] [-t str] [-d delim] [-H (num)] [-x output_format]
           swish -k (char⎪*) [-f file1 file2 ...]
           swish -M index1 index2 ... outputfile
           swish -N /path/to/compare/file
           swish -V

       See the the SWISH-RUN(1) man page for details on run-time options.


       Swish-e is Simple Web Indexing System for Humans - Enhanced. Swish-e can quickly and
       easily index directories of files or remote web sites and search the generated indexes.

       Swish-e is extremely fast in both indexing and searching, highly configurable, and can be
       seamlessly integrated with existing web sites to maintain a consistent design. Swish-e can
       index web pages, but can just as easily index text files, mailing list archives, or data
       stored in a relational database.

       Swish is designed to index small to medium sized collection of documents, Although a few
       users are indexing over a million documents, typical usage is more often in the tens of
       thousands. Currently, Swish-e only indexes eight bit character encodings.


       Documentation is provided as HTML pages installed in $prefix/share/doc/swish-e where
       $prefix is /usr/local if building from source, or /usr if installed as part of a package
       from your OS vendor.  Under Windows $prefix is selected at installation time.

       Documentation is also available on-line at

       A subset of the documentation is installed as system man pages as well.  The following man
       pages should be installed:

           This man page.

           Defines options that can be used in a configuration file.

           Describes the run-time options and switches.

           Answers to commonly asked questions.

           API for the Swish-e search library.  Applications can link against this library.


       Support for Swish-e is provide via the Swish-e discussion list.  See
       for information.