Provided by: rsbac-admin_1.4.0-repack-0ubuntu8_amd64 bug


       switch_adf_log - switch general log subsystem settings


       switch_adf_log [-ntbgs] [-V version] {request} [target] [value]


       RSBAC  has general log settings and log settings per user or process. Using adf_switch_log
       you can change general log settings for all types of RSBAC requests.

       See appropriate RSBAC documentation about ADF subsystem and  possible  requests.  You  can
       also use -n to see possible requests and -t to see possible targets.


       -n     list all requests

       -t     list all target types

       -b     backup log level settings

       -g     get not set

       -s     scripting mode

       -V version
              supply RSBAC integer version number for upgrading

              one of possible RSBAC requests or ALL for all requests.

       value  0, 1 or 2. Amon, please, describe this values.

       target One of the possible RSBAC targets or leave out for ALL targets.


       Amon Ott <>.