Provided by: syncache_1.4-1_all bug


       syncache-drb - SynCache dRuby object cache server


       syncache-drb [ options ] [ URI ]


       syncache-drb starts a Distributed Ruby server providing a SynCache::Cache object.

       SynCache::Cache  is  a  thread-safe  time-limited  object  cache with flexible replacement


       URI A URI with druby: schema that the DRb server binds to, default is druby://*:9000

           Display usage information and quit.

       --ttl SECONDS
           Time-to-live value for cache entries, default is 24 hours.

       --size ENTRIES
           Maximum number of objects in cache, default is 10000.

       --flush-delay SECONDS
           Rate-limit flush operations. If less than that number of seconds has passed since last
           flush, next flush will be delayed. Default is no rate limit.

       --user USER
           Run as USER if started as root. Default is nobody.

       --error-log ERROR_LOG_PATH
           File  to  write errors to. Default is /dev/null. When run as root, the file is chowned
           to USER:adm.

           Enable debug mode. If an error log is specified with --error-log, all messages will be
           sent there instead of syslog.

       --pidfile PATH
           Path  to pidfile. By default, pidfile is created under /var/run/syncache-drb/ when run
           as root, or under $TMPDIR otherwise. Location should be writeable by USER.

           Do not daemonize, switch to a different user, create pidfile, redirect output, or  log
           to syslog.


       This  manual  page  was written by Dmitry Borodaenko <>.  Permission is
       granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms  of  the  GNU  GPL
       version 3 or later.