Provided by: syncevolution-common_1.5.3-1ubuntu3_all bug


       synccompare - normalize or compare addressbook files


       Usage: synccompare <file>
              synccompare <left file> <right file>

       Either normalizes a file or compares two of them in a side-by-side

       Checks environment variables:

             Enables code which simplifies the text files just like
             certain well-known servers do. This is useful for testing
             to ignore the data loss introduced by these servers or (for
             users) to simulate the effect of these servers on their data.

       CLIENT_TEST_CLIENT=evolution|addressbook (Mac OS X/iPhone)
             Same as for servers this replicates the effect of storing
             data in the clients.

       CLIENT_TEST_LEFT_NAME="before sync"
       CLIENT_TEST_RIGHT_NAME="after sync"
       CLIENT_TEST_REMOVED="removed during sync"
       CLIENT_TEST_ADDED="added during sync"
             Setting these variables changes the default legend
             print above the left and right file during a

             Overrides the default error code when changes are found.