Provided by: synfig_1.2.2-1_amd64 bug


       synfig - 2D vector animation package




       -t <output type>
              Specify output target (Default:unknown)

       -w <pixel width>
              Set the image width (Use zero for file default)

       -h <pixel height>
              Set the image height (Use zero for file default)

       -s <image dist>
              Set the diagonal size of image window (Span)

       -a <1...30>
              Set antialias amount for parametric renderer.

       -Q <0...10>
              Specify image quality for accelerated renderer (default=2)

       -g <amount>
              Gamma (default=2.2)

       -v     Verbose Output (add more for more verbosity)

       -q     Quiet mode (No progress/time-remaining display)

       -c <canvas id>
              Render the canvas with the given id instead of the root.

       -o <output file>
              Specify output filename

       -T <# of threads>
              Enable multithreaded renderer using specified # of threads

       -b     Print Benchmarks

       --fps <framerate>
              Set the frame rate

       --time <time>
              Render a single frame at <seconds>

       --begin-time <time>
              Set the starting time

       --end-time <time>
              Set the ending time

       --dpi <res>
              Set the dots-per-inch

       --dpi-x <res>
              Set the X dots-per-inch

       --dpi-y <res>
              Set the Y dots-per-inch

              List the exported canvases in the composition

       --append <filename>
              Append layers in <filename> to composition

       --layer-info <layer>
              Print out layer's description, parameter info, etc.

              Print out the list of available layers

              Print out the list of available targets

              Print out the list of available importers

              Print out the list of available ValueNodes

              Print out the list of loaded modules

              Print out version information

       --info Print out misc build information

              Print out license information