Provided by: synopsis_0.12-10_amd64 bug


       synopsis  -  simple  frontend  to  the  Synopsis  framework,  a multi-language source code
       introspection tool that provides a variety of representations  for  the  parsed  code,  to
       enable  further  processing  such  as  documentation  extraction, reverse engineering, and
       source-to-source translation.


       Usage : synopsis [options] <input files>

   List of options:
       -h, --help
              Display usage summary.

       -V, --version
              Display version information.

       -v  --verbose
              Operate verbosely.

       -d  --debug
              Operate in debug mode.

       -P  --profile
              Profile execution.

       -o <file>, --output=<file>
              Write output to <file>.

       -p <lang>, --parser=<lang>
              Select a parser for <lang>.

              Send <args> to the parser.

       -t [<markup>]

              Translate comments to doc-strings, processing it as <markup>  (typical  values  are
              'javadoc' or 'rst').

              Specify a comment filter.

              Specify a comment processor.

              Send <args> to the comment translator.

       -l     Run the linker.

              Send <args> to the linker.

              Link, and invoke <processor>.

       -f <type>,

              Select a formatter for <type>.

              Send <args> to the formatter.

       -I <path>
              Add <path> to list of include paths.

       -D <macro>
              Add <macro> to list of predefined macros.

       -s <directory>,

              Specify sxr directory. If given, process source cross-references.

              Probe the specified processor.