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       t.connect  - Prints/sets general temporal GIS database connection for current mapset.


       temporal, settings, metadata


       t.connect --help
       t.connect  [-pcdg]   [driver=name]    [database=name]    [--help]   [--verbose]  [--quiet]

           Print current connection parameters and exit

           Check connection parameters, set if uninitialized, and exit

           Set from default settings and exit
           Overwrite current settings if initialized

           Print current connection parameter in shell style and exit

           Print usage summary

           Verbose module output

           Quiet module output

           Force launching GUI dialog

           Name of database driver
           Options: sqlite, pg
           Default: sqlite

           Name of database
           Default: $GISDBASE/$LOCATION_NAME/$MAPSET/tgis/sqlite.db


       t.connect allows the user to set the temporal database connection.  The default setting is
       that the temporal database of type sqlite3 is located in the current mapset directory.

       The -p flag will display the current temporal database connection parameters.

       The  -pg flag will display the current temporal database connection parameters using shell

       The -c flag will silently check if the temporal database connection parameters  have  been
       set, and if not will set them to use GRASS’s default values.


       Setting  the connection with t.connect will not test the connection for validity.  Hence a
       database connection will not be established.

       The connection values are stored in the mapset’s VAR file.   The  -d  flag  will  set  the
       default TGIS connection parameters.  A SQLite database "tgis/sqlite.db" will be created in
       the current mapset directory.  It will be located  in  the  "tgis"  sub-directory  to  not
       interfere with the sqlite3 database used for vector attribute storage.

       In  case  you  have  tens of thousands of maps to register in the temporal database or you
       need concurrent read and write  access  in  the  temporal  database,  consider  to  use  a
       PostgreSQL connection instead.

       Be  aware  that  you have to set the PostgreSQL connection explicitly in every mapset that
       should store temporal information in the temporal database.

       PostgreSQL and SQLite databases can not be mixed in a location.


       The SQLite database is created automatically when used the first time.
       # use single quotes here
       t.connect driver=sqlite database=’$GISDBASE/$LOCATION_NAME/PERMANENT/tgis/sqlite.db’
       t.connect -p -s

       When using a PostgreSQL database,  the  user  will  need  to  specify  the  TGIS  database
       connection for each mapset.
       t.connect driver=pg database="dbname=grass_test user=soeren password=abcdefgh"
       t.connect -p -s


       Soeren Gebbert, Thünen Institute of Climate-Smart Agriculture

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       Available at: t.connect source code (history)

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