Provided by: tachyon-bin-ogl_0.99~b6+dsx-9_amd64 bug


       tachyon-ogl - parallel/multiprocessor ray tracer with OpenGL display


       tachyon-ogl modelfile [options]


       Valid options and accepted formats are as follows (** denotes default behaviour).

   Model file formats supported:
              the model files originated with this package
              AC3D model files

              the NFF scene format used by Eric Haines' SPD

   Message Options:
       +V     verbose messages on

       -V     verbose messages off **

   Speed Tuning Options:
       -raydepth xxx
              maximum ray recursion depth

       -numthreads xxx
              (** default is auto-determined)


       -boundthresh xxx
              (** default threshold is 16)

   Shading Options:
              best quality rendering (and slowest) **

              good quality rendering, but no shadows

              low quality rendering, preview (and fast)

              worst quality rendering, preview (and fastest)

   Lighting Options:
       -rescale_lights xxx rescale light intensity values by
              specified factor (performed before other lighting overrides take effect)

       -auto_skylight xxx
              force  use  of  ambient  occlusion lighting, auto-rescaling direct light sources to
              compensate for ambient occlusion factor (use value 0.7 as a good starting point)

       -add_skylight xxx
              force use of ambient occlusion lighting, manually-rescaling direct light sources to
              compensate for ambient occlusion factor

       -skylight_samples xxx number of sample rays to shoot

   Specular Highlight Shading Options:
              Phong specular highlights

              Blinn's specular highlights **

              fast approximation to Blinn's highlights

              disable specular highlights

   Transparency Shading Options:
       -trans_max_surfaces xxx
              limit the number of transparent surfaces shown to the number specified

              original implementation **

              Raster3D angle-based opacity modulation

              opacity post-multiply used by VMD

   Transparent Surface Shadowing Options:
              transparent objects cast shadows **

              transparent objects do not cast shadows

   Fog Shading Options:
              radial fog implementation **

              planar OpenGL-like fog used by VMD

   Surface Normal/Winding Order Fixup Mode:
       -normalfixup [off|flip|guess] (** off is default)

   Antialiasing Options:
       -aasamples xxx
              maximum supersamples taken per pixel (** default is 0, or scene file determined)

   Output Options:
       -res Xres Yres
              override scene-defined output image size

       -o outfile.tga
              set output file name

       -clamp clamp pixel values to [0 to 1) **

              normalize pixel values to [0 to 1)

       -gamma val
              normalize apply gamma correction

       -format BMP
              24-bit Windows BMP (uncompressed)

       -format JPEG
              24-bit JPEG        (compressed, but lossy)

       -format PNG
              24-bit PNG         (compressed, lossless)

       -format PPM
              24-bit PPM         (uncompressed)

       -format PPM48
              48-bit PPM         (uncompressed)

       -format PSD48
              48-bit PSD         (uncompressed)

       -format RGB
              24-bit SGI RGB     (uncompressed)

       -format TARGA
              24-bit Targa       (uncompressed) **

   Animation Related Options:
              animate using file of camera positions

              disable writing of output frames to disk (only used for doing real-time rendering)

   Interactive Spaceball/SpaceNavigator Control:
              enable Spaceball/SpaceNavigator camera flight

       -spaceballport serialportdevicename (only for serial devices)

   Getting Help:
       -help  display help message and exit

              display version string and exit

              display banner and exit