Provided by: node-tape_4.9.1-1_all bug


     tape — tap-producing test harness for node and browsers


     tape [-r module] [file] [file ...]


     tape is a tap-producing test harness for node and browsers requiring only a few line of
     code. It can be used for unit and integration testing.  tape will execute test described by
     file option. File are interpreted using glob module by default. You may therefore need to
     quote file in order to avoid globbing by shell.  Tests are written in pure javascript, so
     tests could be run using Node.js.


     -r, --require
              load one or more modules before running any tests. Please note that all modules
              loaded using the -r flag will run before any tests, regardless of when they are
              specified. For example, tape -r a b -r c will actually load a and c before loading
              b, since they are flagged as required modules.


     tape 'tests/**/*.js'
     tape -r './my/local/module' 'tests/**/*.js'
     tape -r 'babel-register' 'tests/**/*.js'


     tap(1), nodejs(1), glob(7)

                                        November 20, 2019