Provided by: tappy_2.5-2_all bug


       tappy - a tap consumer for python


       tappy [options] <pathname> [<pathname> ...]


       The  tappy  command  consumes  the  list  of tap files given as pathname s and produces an
       output similar to what the regular text test-runner from python's unittest  module  would.
       If  pathname  points  to a directory, tappy will look in that directory for *.tap files to

       If you have a tool that consumes the unittest regular output, but  wish  to  use  the  TAP
       protocol to better integrate with other tools, you may use tappy to replay tests from .tap
       files, without having to actually run the tests again (which is much faster).

       It is also an example of how to use the tap consumer API provided by the tap module.

          tappy's output will  differ  from  the  standard  unittest  output.  Indeed  it  cannot
          reproduce  error and failure messages (e.g. stack traces, ...) that are not recorded in
          tap files.


       -h, --help
              show a short description and option list and exit.

       -v, --verbose
              produce verbose output


       The   tappy   and   the    tap    modules    were    written    by    Matt    LAYMAN    (‐

       This manual page was written Nicolas CANIART, for the Debian project.


       2019, Matt Layman and contributors