Provided by: tau_2.17.3.1.dfsg-4.2build1_amd64 bug


       tauex - Allows you to choose a tau/papi configuration at runtime.


       tauex [-v] [-u User mode counts] [-k Kernel mode counts] [-S Supervisor mode counts]
             [-I Interrupt mode counts] [-a] [-m] [-e PAPI event] [-T TAU option]
             [-XrunTAU TAU options] {--} {executable} [executable options]


       Replace this script by the execuable during runtime to dynamically load a TAU
       profiling/tracing option or to select which papi events/domain to use during execuation of
       the application. If we compile TAU with the -optShared option and link in the,
       At runtime tauex will set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and pass any other parameters (or papi
       events) to the program and execute it with the specified TAU measurement option.


       -v     Verbose mode.

       -a     Count all native events (implies -m).

       -m     Multiple runs (enough runs to gather all events).

       -u User mode counts
              Instructs PAPI to only count user events.

       -k Kernel mode counts
              Instructs PAPI to only count kernel events.

       -S Supervisor mode counts
              Instructs PAPI to only count Supervisor/Hypervisor events.

       -I Interrupt mode counts
              Instructs PAPI to only count Interrupt events.

       -e PAPI event
              set the PAPI to profile this native or local event.

       -T TAU option
              Profiles the application with this TAU option (requires TAU to be built with this

       Application executable
              The Application you want TAU or PAPI to profile.

       Application option
              Any Application options you need to specify.


       mpirun -np 2 tauex -e PAPI_TOT_CYC -e PAPI_FP_OPS -T MPI,PROFILE -- ./ring

                                            08/11/2008                                   TAUEX(1)