Provided by: troffcvt_1.04-24_amd64 bug


       tc2html-toc - table of contents processor for tc2html


       tc2html-toc file ...


       tc2html  is  a  postprocessor for troffcvt that produces Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).
       tc2html is capable of generating a table of contents (TOC).  However,  since  TOC  entries
       cannot  all be known until the entire input document has been read, tc2html writes the TOC
       near the end of the HTML document.

       To handle this problem, tc2html-toc examines tc2html output for a table  of  contents  and
       moves  it  to  the correct location.  tc2html-toc is invoked for your automatically if you
       use troff2html (which also invokes tc2html).  If you run tc2html manually, you  must  also
       run tc2html-toc manually.

       tc2html  and  tc2html-toc  cooperate  by  means  of the following conventions.  If tc2html
       writes a TOC, it surrounds them with the following two HTML comments:
              <!-- TOC BEGIN -->
              <!-- TOC END -->
       If the user wishes to explicitly specify a location for the  TOC,  this  may  be  done  by
       invoking  the  .H*toc*title  request  in  the  document.   This request writes a TOC title
       followed by this HTML comment:
              <!-- INSERT TOC HERE -->
       In addition, macro package redefinitions used with tc2html can make a  guess  about  where
       the  TOC  should  be  located  in the absence of an explicit location marker.  To do so, a
       redefinition can write the following advisory marker comment:
              <!-- INSERT TOC HERE, MAYBE -->
       For example, redefinitions for the -man macros can write an advisory location for the  TOC
       after the .TH macro invocation has been seen.

       Given  these  conventions, tc2html-toc reads the input and examines it for the TOC and TOC
       location.  The input is written unchanged to the output if no TOC  is  found.   Otherwise,
       the  locations  listed  below  are used to reposition the TOC (with locations listed first
       taking priority):

       ·      The position of the TOC location marker.

       ·      The position of the advisory TOC location marker.

       ·      The beginning of the <BODY> part of the document.


       troffcvt(1), tc2html(1), troff2html(1)


       Paul DuBois,


       tc2html-toc exits with an error if it discovers that the TOC location marker  lies  within
       the TOC itself.