Provided by: tokyocabinet-bin_1.4.48-12_amd64 bug


       tcatest - test cases of the abstract database API


       The  command  `tcatest' is a utility for facility test and performance test.  This command
       is used in the following format.  `name' specifies the database  name.   `rnum'  specifies
       the number of iterations.  `tnum' specifies the number of transactions.

              tcatest write name rnum
                     Store   records   with   keys  of  8  bytes.   They  change  as  `00000001',
              tcatest read name
                     Retrieve all records of the database above.
              tcatest remove name
                     Remove all records of the database above.
              tcatest rcat name rnum
                     Store records with partway duplicated keys using concatenate mode.
              tcatest misc name rnum
                     Perform miscellaneous test of various operations.
              tcatest wicked name rnum
                     Perform updating operations of list and map selected at random.
              tcatest compare name tnum rnum
                     Perform comparison test of database schema.

       This command returns 0 on success, another on failure.


       tcamttest(1), tcamgr(1), tcadb(3), tokyocabinet(3)