Provided by: tcputils_0.6.2-10build1_amd64 bug


       tcpconnect - general TCP/IP client


       tcpconnect [-irv] [-l localaddr] host port


       tcpconnect  creates a TCP/IP connection to a server running on the machine host, listening
       to port port.  It then reads standard input and sends  to  the  remote  server,  and  data
       received  from  the  server is printed to standard output.  When end-of-file is reached on
       both standard input and the TCP/IP connection, tcpconnect terminates.


       -i     Terminate at end-of-file on standard input; don't wait for the server to close  the

       -r     Terminate  when the remote server closes the connection; don't wait for end-of-file
              on standard input.

       -v     Verbose mode.  Prints a message to standard error  when  the  connection  has  been

       -l addr:port
              Bind  the  local  end-point  of  the  connection to IP address addr, TCP port port.
              Either the IP address or the port, but not both, may be left out, meaning that  the
              operating system gets to choose that part by itself.


       tcplisten(1), telnet(1), tcpbug(1).


       The names of the options are not yet finalized, and may change at a future release.

                                          1997 April 13                             TCPCONNECT(1)