Provided by: libtelnet-utils_0.21-5_amd64 bug


       telnet-proxy - create a TELNET debugging proxy


       telnet-proxy <remote address> <remote port> <local port>


       telnet-proxy  creates  a  single-connection  proxy  listening on local port which forwards
       connections to remote address on port remote port.  All TELNET commands will be logged  to
       stdout for debugging purposes.

       Only a single active connection is allowed at any given time.  However, after a client has
       disconnected, another client may connect through the proxy.

       telnet-proxy is capable of transparently decoding and reencoding streams  compressed  with
       MCCP2.   It  also  includes  specialized decoders and debug output for NEW-ENVIRON, TTYPE,
       ZMP, and MSSP subnegotiation commands.


       telnet-chatd(1), telnet-client(1), telnet(1)

                                            LIBTELNET                             telnet-proxy(1)