Provided by: tempest-for-eliza_1.0.5-2.1_amd64 bug


       tempest_for_eliza - play songs with your computer monitor and AM radio


       tempest_for_eliza pixelclock x 1000000 HDisplay VDisplay HTotal radio frequency music file


       This  program displays patterns on a computer monitor that can produce musical tones on AM
       radios tuned to the proper frequency.


       pixelclock x 1000000, HDisplay, VDisplay, and HTotal all should be the same each time  for
       your monitor.  Use the xvidtune(1) application to determine these values.

       As  the  name  suggests,  for  the  pixelclock  parameter  multiply  the  result  given by
       xvidtune(1) by 1000000.

       A usual sensible value for radio frequency is 10000000, or 10Mhz.

       To exit the application, click the window it produces.


       $       tempest_for_eliza       119000000       1680       1050       1840        10000000

       Start  TFE on a monitor with pixelclock 119, 1680x1050 resolution, and a VDisplay of 1840,
       to be accessed in the 10Mhz band.


       The original idea for tempest_for_eliza was taken  from  Pekka  Riikonen,  who  wrote  the
       original tempest-AM-0.9 application.  tempest_for_eliza was written by Erik Thiele.

       This  manual page was written by Luke Faraone for the Debian GNU/Linux
       system, but its use elsewhere is encouraged.


       tempest_for_mp3(1), xvidtune(1),

       Additional documentation may be found at <>.