Provided by: texify_1.20-4_all bug


       texify - format code for use with LaTeX


       texify<input-type> [OPTION]...


       texify  translates  source  code written in any of several different languages to latex(1)
       source files.  The purpose is to make source code embedded in documents more readable,  by
       providing syntax highliting.


       -i FILE
              Read from FILE instead of standard input.

       -o FILE
              Write to FILE instead of standard output.

       -l LENGTH
              Limit line length to LENGTH.

       -t LENGTH
              Make a tab correspond to LENGTH spaces. Default is 6.

       -num INTERVAL
              Prefix  output  lines  with  the corresponding line number from the input, skipping
              INTERVAL lines between each time a prefix is added.  An interval of 1  will  ensure
              that every line is prefixed.

       -numsize \texsize
              Replace  the  TeX  code  used  to set the size of the line numbers.  The default is


       abel   ABEL source code

       ada    Ada source code

       asm    Assembly code

       axiom  AXIOM code

       B      B source code

       beta   BETA source code

       bison  Bison source code

       c      C source code

       c++    C++ source code

       idl    OMG/CORBA IDL source code

       java   Java source code

       lex    Lex source code

       lisp   LISP source code

       logla  LOGLA source code

       matlab MATLAB script

       ml     ML source code

       perl   Perl source code

              Promela source code

       python Python source code

       scheme Scheme soruce code

       sim    SIMULA source code

       sql    SQL queries

       ruby   Ruby source code

       vhdl   VHDL description

       This manual page was written for the Debian operating system because the original  program
       does not have a manual page.


       Say you want to format a Java source file.  Just type:
              texifyjava < > output.tex

       You  can  also format the output of some program without storing its output in a temporary
       file.  If you want to format the output of a PostgreSQL database dump, just type:
              pg_dump foobar | texifysql > output.tex


       This manual page was written by Morten Hustveit <>.

                                           January 2003                                 TEXIFY(1)