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       th - Read,Eval,Print-Loop for Torch Framework


       th [options] [script.lua [arguments]]


       A  pure Lua REPL (Read,Eval,Print-Loop) for LuaJIT, with heavy support for Torch types. It
       uses Readline for tab completion.  This package also installs command line frontend  `th`,
       which comes packed with all these features:

              ·  Tab-completion on nested namespaces

              ·  Tab-completion on disk files (when opening a string)

              ·  History

              ·  Pretty print (table introspection and coloring)

              ·  Auto-print after eval (can be stopped with ;)

              ·  Each command is profiled, timing is reported

              ·  No need for '=' to print

              ·  Easy help with: `? funcname`

              ·  Self help: `?`

              ·  Shell commands with: $ cmd (example: `$ ls`)

              ·  Print all user globals with `who()`

              ·  Import a package's symbols globally with `import(package)`

              ·  Require     is     overloaded     to     provide    relative    search    paths:

              ·  [Optional] strict global namespace monitoring

              ·  [Optional] async repl


       -l name
              load library name

       -e statement
              execute statement

              print this help

              preload async (libuv) and start async repl (BETA)

              monitor global variables (print a warning on creation/access)

              monitor global variables (throw an error on creation/access)

              start gfx server and load gfx env

              enter the REPL after executing a script


                                          25 August 2016                                    th(1)