Provided by: theme-d-translator_1.1.15-1_amd64 bug


       theme-d-link - the Theme-D linker


       theme-d-link [ OPTION ] ...  FILE


       Link  the  Theme-D pseudocode file FILE and Theme-D libraries it uses into Guile bytecode.
       The default bytecode filename is obtained by  appending  .go  to  the  basename  of  FILE.
       Command  theme-d-link  creates  an intermediate file either in Guile Tree-IL or Scheme and
       uses Guile to compile it into bytecode. The default suffix of  the  intermediate  file  is
       either .tree-il or .scm.

       By  default, the output file and the intermediate file are placed into the directory where
       the command theme-d-link is invoked.


       -o, --output=OUTPUTFILE
              Specify the compilation output file.

       -m, --module-path=PATH
              Specify the search path  for  Theme-D  modules.  The  path  should  be  a  list  of
              directories  separated  with  :'s. You can prefix the list with a colon in order to
              include the default Theme-D library path in the search path.

       -l, --message-level=LEVEL
              Specify the message level of the compiler. The level has to be  an  integer  number
              from 0 to 3. Value 0 means no output and value 3 the most verbose output.

              Specify the intermediate filename.

              Specify  the  intermediate  language.  Value  LANGUAGE  has to be either tree-il or

              Do not compile the intermediate file with guild compile.

              Do not strip away unused code.

              Do not factorize the type expressions out of procedure implementations.

              Do not check ordinary assertions. Strong assertions are always checked.

              Print backtrace on compilation error.

              Pretty print the pseudocode output.

              Less information in the error messages.

              Keep the intermediate Tree-IL or Scheme file. By default the intermediate  file  is

              Link the target bytecode file into the guile cache.

              Generate code to support runtime pretty printed backtraces.

              Do not generate code for reporting unlinked procedure names.


              If  this  variable  is  defined its value is used as the Theme-D configuration file
              instead of the default configuration file.


              The Theme-D configuration file.

              The Theme-D configuration file. This file should be normally present  only  if  you
              use Theme-D in local mode.


       theme-d-compile(1),           run-theme-d-program(1),           setup-theme-d-test-env(1),