Provided by: themonospot_0.7.3.1-7_all bug


       themonospot - scan avi files


       themonospot [file...]


       Themonospot is a simple application that can be used to scan an avi,
        divx, xvid and matroska (.mkv) file and extract some informations about
        audio and video data flow:

        * Video codec used
        * Frame size
        * Average video bitrate
        * File size
        * Total time
        * Frame rate
        * Total frames
        * Info data
        * Packet Bitstream
        * User data (in MOVI chunk)
        * Audio codec used
        * Average audio bitrate
        * Audio channels


       Themonospot was created by Armando Basile <> and this manual page was
       written by Stefan Ebner <>.


       Themonospot has been released under the GNU General Public License, version 2.

                                          June 28, 2009                            THEMONOSPOT(1)