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       thor - Scripting framework for command line utilities


       thor help [TASK]

       thor install NAME

       thor installed

       thor list [SEARCHTERM]

       thor uninstall NAME

       thor update NAME

       thor version


       Thor is a scripting framework designed for command line utilities.  It is supposed to be a
       replacement for rake, sake and rubigen.


       help [TASK]
               Describe available tasks or the specified task

       install NAME
               Install an optionally named Thor file into your system tasks

               List the installed Thor modules and tasks

       list [SEARCHTERM]
               List the available thor tasks (--substring means .*searchterm)

       uninstall NAME
               Uninstall a named Thor module

       update NAME
               Update a Thor file from its original location

       version Show Thor version


       The Thor website:

       The Thor wiki:


       Thor is written by Yehuda Katz, Eric Hodel, et al.

       This manual page was written by Christian Hofstaedtler, based on the  command-line  output
       of this program, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be freely used by others).

                                           May 7, 2013                                    thor(1)