Provided by: tilestache_1.51.5-4_all bug


       tilestache-compose - set a map coverage area


       tilestache-compose [options] file...


       This manual page documents briefly the tilestache-compose command.

       There are three ways to set a map coverage area.

       1)  Center,  zoom, and dimensions: create a map of the specified size, centered on a given
       geographical point at a given zoom level:

 -c config.json -l layer-name -d 800 800  -n  37.8  -122.3  -z  11

       2)  Extent  and  dimensions: create a map of the specified size that adequately covers the
       given geographical extent:

 -c config.json -l layer-name -d  800  800  -e  36.9  -123.5  38.9
       -121.2 out.png

       3)  Extent  and  zoom:  create  a  map  at  the  given  zoom level that covers the precise
       geographical extent, at whatever pixel size is necessary:

 -c config.json -l layer-name -e 36.9  -123.5  38.9  -121.2  -z  9


       -c, --config file
              Path to configuration file.

       -l, --layer layer
              Layer name from configuration.

       -n, --center lat lon
              Geographic center of map.

       -e, --extent lat lon lat lon
              Geographic extent of map.

       -z, --zoom level
              Zoom level.

       -d, --dimensions width height
              Pixel width, height of output image.

       -v, --verbose
              Make a bunch of noise.

       -i, --include-paths paths
              Add  the  following  colon-separated  list  of  paths to Python's include path (aka

       -x, --ignore-cached
              Re-render every tile, whether it is in the cache already or not.

       -h, --help
              Show summary of options.


       TileStache was written by Michal Migurski <>.

                                           Nov 10, 2010                     TILESTACHE-COMPOSE(1)