Provided by: tilestache_1.51.5-4_all bug


       tilestache-list - generates list of tiles based on geographic or other criteria


       tilestache-list [options] [zoom...]


       This manual page documents briefly the tilestache-list command.

       tilestache-list generates a list of tiles based on geographic or other criteria.

       No  images  are  created  and  no  Tilestache  configuration  is  read, but a list of tile
       coordinates in Z/X/Y form compatible with tilestache-seed --tile-list output.


  -b 52.55 13.28 52.46 13.51 11 12 13

       Protip: seed a cache in parallel on 8 CPUs with split and xargs like this:

  12 13 14 15 | split -l 20 - tiles/list-
           ls -1 tiles/list-* |  xargs  -n1  -P8  -c  tilestache.cfg  -l  osm


       -b, --bbox lat lon lat lon
              Bounding box in floating point geographic coordinates: south west north east.

       -p, --padding number
              Extra margin of tiles to add around bounded area.

       --from-mbtiles file
              Optional  input  file  for  tiles,  will  be  read  as an MBTiles 1.1 tileset.  See
     for more information.  Overrides --bbox and --padding.


       TileStache was written by Michal Migurski <>.

                                           Nov 10, 2010                        TILESTACHE-LIST(1)