Provided by: timemachine_0.3.3-2.1build1_amd64 bug


       timemachine: - manual page for timemachine


       Usage /usr/bin/timemachine: [-h] [-i] [-c channels] [-n jack-name]

              [-t  buffer-length]  [-p  file  prefix]  [-f  format] [-a] [-b begin-threshold] [-e
              end-threshold] [-T end-time] [port-name ...]

       -h     show this help

       -i     interactive mode (console instead of X11) also enabled if DISPLAY is unset

       -c     specify number of recording channels

       -n     specify the JACK name timemachine will use

       -t     specify the pre-recording buffer length

       -p     specify the saved file prefix, may include path

       -s     use safer characters in filename (windows compatibility)

       -f     specify the saved file format

       -a     enable automatic sound-triggered recording

       -b     specify threshold above which automatic recording will begin

       -e     specify threshold below which automatic recording will end

       -T     specify silence length before automatic recording ends

              channels must be in the range  1-8,  default  2  jack-name,  default  "TimeMachine"
              file-prefix,  default  "tm-"  buffer-length, default 10 secs format, default 'w64',
              options: wav, w64 begin-threshold, default -35.0 dB end-threshold, default -35.0 dB
              end-time, default 10 secs

       specifying port names to connect to on the command line overrides -c