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       tkpod - Perl/Tk Pod browser


           tkpod   [-tk] [[-no]tree] [-Mblib] [-I dir] [-d|debug] [-s|server]
                   [-filedialog module]
                   [-f function | -q FAQRegex | directory | name [...]]


       tkpod is a simple Pod browser with hypertext capabilities.  Pod (Plain Old Document) is a
       simple and readable markup language that could be mixed with perl code.

       Pods are searched by default in @INC and $ENV{PATH}. Directories listed on the command
       line or with the -I option are added to the default search path.

       For each "name" listed on the command line tkpod tries to find Pod in "name", "name.pod"
       and "" in the search path.  For each "name" a new Pod browser window is opened.

       If no "name" is listed, then the main "perl" pod is opened instead.


           When specified, "tkpod" will show a tree window with all available Pods on the local
           host. However, this may be slow on startup, especially first time because there is no
           cache yet. You can always turn on the tree view with the menu entry 'View' -> 'Pod

       -tk Useful for perl/Tk documentation.  When specified it adds all "Tk" subdirectories in
           @INC to the Pod search path.   This way when "Scrolled" is selected in the browser the
           "Tk/Scrolled" documentation is found.

       -s or -server
           Start "tkpod" in server mode. Subsequent calls to "tkpod" (without the -s option) will
           cause to load the requested Pods into the server program, thus minimizing startup time
           and memory usage. Note that there is no access control, so this might be a security

           Add the "blib" directories under the current directory to the Pod search path.

       -I dir
           Add another directory to the Pod search path. Note that the space is mandatory.

       -f function
           Show documentation for function.

       -q FAQRegex
           Show the FAQ entry matching FAQRegex.

       -filedialog module
           Use an alternative file dialog module, e.g. Tk::FileSelect, Tk::FBox or

       -d or -debug
           Turn debugging on.

           Only for internal testing: exit before entering "MainLoop".


       How to navigate with the Pod browser is described in Tk::Pod_usage.  It's also accessible
       via the menu 'Help' -> 'Usage...'.


           Force a port for tkpod's server mode.

           A list of directories (on Unix usually separated by ":", on Windows by ";") for
           additional Pod directories. These directories will appear in the "local dirs" section
           of the tree view.

       See "Environment" in Tk::Pod::Text and "Environment" in Tk::Pod::FindPods for more
       environment variables.


       see Tk::Pod::Text


       perlpod pod2man pod2text pod2html Tk::Pod Tk::Pod::Text Tk::Pod::Tree


       Nick Ing-Simmons <>

       Former maintainer: Achim Bohnet <>.

       Code currently maintained by Slaven Rezic <>.

       Copyright (c) 1997-1998 Nick Ing-Simmons.  Copyright (c) 2015 Slaven Rezic.  All rights
       reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
       the same terms as Perl itself.