Provided by: tlsh-tools_3.4.4+20151206-1.1_amd64 bug


       tlsh_unittest - compute TLSH digest values and distance


          tlsh_unittest  [-c  <file|digest>]         -f <file>     [-T <threshold_value>] [-xlen]

          tlsh_unittest  -c <file|digest>          -d <digest>   [-T  <threshold_value>]  [-xlen]

          tlsh_unittest  [-c  <file|digest> | -xref] -r <dir>      [-T <threshold_value>] [-xlen]

          tlsh_unittest [-c <file|digest> | -xref] -l <listfile> [-T  <threshold_value>]  [-xlen]

          tlsh_unittest -version


       tlsh_unittest  can  be  used  to compute TLSH digest values or the distance between digest
       values in the following ways:

          1. To compute the TLSH digest value of a single file (-f file), or a directory of files
             (-r  dir).  This output can be used to create the listfile required by the -l option
             described below.

          2. To compute the distance between a comparison file or TLSH digest (-c  <file|digest>)
             and  the  specified  file (-f file), TLSH digest (-d digest), directory of files (-r
             dir), or list (-l listfile).

          3. To compute the distance between  each  element  in  a  set  of  files  (-r  dir)  or
             files/digests  in  a  list (-l listfile) with every other element in that set, using
             the -xref flag


       -c <file|digest>
              Specifies a filename or digest whose TLSH value will be  compared  to  a  specified
              TLSH  digest  (-d) OR the TLSH value of a sepcified file (-f) OR the TLSH values of
              files in a specified directory (-r) OR the TLSH values in a specified listfile (-l)

       -xref  Results in the calculation of distance between each element in the set.  Used  only
              when a set of files (-r dir) or TLSH values (-l listfile) is specified.

       -f file
              Specifies  a  file whose TLSH values are to be computed, or used for comparison (-c

       -d digest
              Specifies a TLSH digest value that is to be compared to  the  specified  comparison
              file or digest (-c <file|digset>)

       -r dir Specifies  a  recursive  directory  search  for  files  whose TLSH values are to be
              computed, or used for comparison (-c <file|digset> or -xref)

       -l listfile
              Used for comparison purposes  only  (-c  <file|digset>  or  -xref).  Each  line  in
              listfile can contain either:

                 · a TLSH digest value (comparison output will display TLSH digests)

                 · a  tab  separated TLSH digest value and its corresponding filename (comparison
                   output will display filenames)

              The tab separated listfile can be generated by running  tlsh_unittest  with  either
              the -f or -r flag

       -xlen  Determines  if  the  lengths of the compared files is to be included in determining
              the distance.

              Results in extra detailed output.

       -T threshold_value
              Used only during comparisons (-c <file|digset> or  -xref).  Specifies  the  maximun
              distance that a comparison must generate before it is reported (defaults to 9999).


       Calculate the distance between two files:
          tlsh_unittest -c <file 1> -f <file 2>

       Calculate the distance between two TLSH digest values:
          tlsh_unittest -c <TLSH digest 1> -d <TLSH digest 2>

       Calculate the TLSH digest values for every file in a directory. This creates input for the
       -l option:
          tlsh_unittest -r <dir>

       Get the distance between a reference TLSH digest value, and a list of TLSH  digest  values
       in a file:
          tlsh_unittest -c <TLSH digest> -l <file>

       Compare  the  TLSH  value  for  every  file  in  a  directory, to every other file in that
          tlsh_unittest -xref -r <dir>


       This man page has been adapted from tlsh_unittest usage output for the Debian project.


       Jérémy Bobbio <>