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       tomboy - A simple note-taking application for Gnome


       tomboy [OPTION] ...


       This manual page documents briefly the tomboy command.

       Tomboy  is  a  desktop note-taking application for Linux and Unix. Simple and easy to use,
       but with potential to help you organize the ideas and information you deal with every day.

       Tomboy's usefulness lies in the ability to  relate  notes  and  ideas  together,  using  a
       WikiWiki-like linking system.

       When  run  without  any  options,  the  Tomboy  note  menu  appears  in  the Gnome Panel's
       notification tray area.  Selecting a note  from  the  menu  displays  the  note's  spatial

       Changes  to  notes  are  saved  automatically.   Links to URLs, files, and other notes are
       detected as you type.  Rich editing such as highlighting, bold,  italics,  undo/redo,  and
       variable font sizes are supported.

       Global  keybindings  exist  to  allow  fast  access  to  Tomboy  notes and dialogs.  These
       keybindings are set in GConf (see below) and may be activated from any application.


       The program follows the usual GNU command line syntax,  with  options  starting  with  two
       dashes (`--').  A summary of options are included below.

              Create and display a new note.

       --new-note TITLE
              Create and display a new note with the title given.

       --open-note TITLE/URL
              Display the existing note matching TITLE or URL.

       --note-path [PATH]
              Load/store note data in this directory.

              Display the "Start Here" note.

              Launches Tomboy as a panel applet. This feature is not meant for users, but must be
              utilized only by gnome-panel.

       --search TEXT
              Searches notes for the specified TEXT and opens the Search All  Notes  window  with
              the search text

       --highlight-search TEXT
              Search and highlight TEXT in the opened note.

              Show summary of options.

              Show version of program.

              Turn on debugging output.


       Tomboy  has  several preference settings stored in GConf.  Changes to Settings are applied
       instantly to any running Tomboy instance. A  summary  of  the  GConf  settings  and  their
       purpose are described below.

              Global  X  keybinding for displaying the "Start Here" note.  The default keybinding
              is <Alt>F11.

              Global X keybinding for displaying the Tomboy  applet's  note  menu.   The  default
              keybinding is <Alt>F12.

              Global X keybinding for creating and displaying a new note.

              Global X keybinding for opening the recent changes dialog.

              Global X keybinding for opening the note search dialog.



       Please  send  bug  reports to the Tomboy mailing list ( or
       enter       them       in       the        Gnome        Bugzilla        bug        tracker


       Alex Graveley <>

       This manual page was originally written by Luca Capello <>.