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Topic: graphics

       d.erase                                                      Erases  the  contents  of  the active graphics display frame
                                                                    with user defined color.

       d.frame                                                      Manages display frames on the user’s graphics monitor.

       d.his                                                        Displays the result obtained by  combining  hue,  intensity,
                                                                    and saturation (HIS) values from user-specified input raster
                                                                    map layers.                                                       Displays information about the active display monitor.

       d.mon                                                        Controls graphics display monitors from the command line.

       d.rast                                                       Displays user-specified raster map in  the  active  graphics

       d.redraw                                                     Redraws the content of currently selected monitor.

       d.rgb                                                        Displays three user-specified raster maps as red, green, and
                                                                    blue overlays in the active graphics frame.

       d.vect                                                       Displays user-specified vector map in  the  active  graphics

       m.nviz.script                                                Creates fly-through script to run in NVIZ.

       wxpyimgview                                                  Views BMP images from the PNG driver.

       ximgview                                                     View BMP images from the PNG driver.

       See also the corresponding keyword graphics for additional references.

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