Provided by: tinyos-tools_1.4.2-3build1_amd64 bug


       tos-storage-pxa27xp30 - Generate storage volume description code




       tos-storage-pxa27xp30  reads a user specification describing the layout of storage volumes
       on an embedded P30 flash in the Intel Xscale PXA27X series processor, and  generates  code
       describing   that  layout  for  use  by  the  TinyOS  2.0  storage  subsystem.   The  user
       specification is in XML and is read from standard input. With all options, the code for  a
       header  file  is  written  to  standard  output.   With  the optional -t flag specified, a file is generated  that  provides  interfaces  to  all  the  storage  volume
       abstractions defined in the XML file.

       The  mandatory  platform-directory  argument should specify the platform directory for the
       current compilation target; this is necessary for the correct  handling  of  file  include
       statements in the XML input.

       This  program  is  normally  invoked  automatically  by  the TinyOS build system when your
       application directory contains a volumes-pxa27xp30.xml file.


         tos-storage-pxa27xp30 -t /opt/tinyos-2.x/tos/platforms/intelmote2 \
             <volumes-pxa27xp30.xml >build/telosb/StorageVolumes.h


       tos-storage-stm25p(1) tos-storage-at45db(1)

                                          July 26, 2006                  tos-storage-pxa27xp30(1)