Provided by: trafficserver_8.0.3+ds-2_amd64 bug


       traffic_wccp - Traffic Server WCCP client


       Front  end to the wccp client library.  It is a stand alone program that speaks the client
       side of the WCCP cache protocol.

       It can be used instead of the built in WCCP  feature  in  Traffic  Server.   This  can  be
       beneficial  if you have multiple programs running on the same computer that are relying on
       WCCP to redirect traffic from the router to the computer.

       Since it relies on the wccp library, traffic_wccp is  only  built  if  Traffic  Server  is
       configured with --enable-wccp.

       The   overall   Apache   Traffic  Server  WCCP  configuration  documentation  is  at  WCCP


       --address IP address to bind.

       --router Booststrap IP address for routers.

       --service Path to service group definitions.

       --debug Print debugging information.

       --daemon Run as daemon.

       You need to run at least with the --service arguments. An example service definition file,
       service-nogre-example.config,  is included in the src/traffic_wccp directory. In this file
       you define your MD5 security password (highly recommended), and you  define  your  service
       groups. The details of the service file are defined at admin-wccp-service-config.


       The  current  WCCP  implementation  associated with ATS only supports one cache client per
       service group per router.  The cache assignment logic currently assigns the current  cache
       client to all buckets.