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       trcs - convert text files from one codeset to other


       trcs -C | -l | -h

       trcs [-s] [-f input-codeset ] [-t output-codeset ] [ file ]...


       trcs  is  a  program  for translation of text files from one codeset to other.  When exact
       translation is impossible it tries to  make  approximations.   For  example  pseudographic
       characters  are  approximated  by  ASCII characters in codesets that have no pseudographic
       characters and characters with diacritical marks are approximated by existing characters.

       If the option -s or --gen-script is given trcs will generate simple  script  that  invokes
       tr(1)  This  is useful if you want to include this in your script or for faster conversion
       of many files.

       If none of -C, -s, -l, -h and their equivalents is given each file will be  read  assuming
       it  is  coded  with  codeset input-codeset On standard output it will be recoded so to use
       codeset output-codeset If there is no file given trcs will act  as  filter.   Both  input-
       codeset and output-codeset are case insensitive and default to `cp1251'.


       -C, --copyright
              Display copying conditions and warranty information.

       -s, --gen-script
              Generates conversion script for given input and output encodings instead to convert
              text files.

       -l, --list
              List all known codesets with their aliases.

       -h, --help
              Display this help and exit.

       -f input-codeset, --from[=]input-codeset
              Codeset of the source.

       -f output-codeset, --to[=]output-codeset
              Codeset of the output.


       trcs -fcyrillic -t koi8-r letter.txt
              Convert letter.txt from ISO-8859-5 (cyrillic) to KOI8-R and output  the  result  on
              standard output.

       trcs --from cp437 --to=mik --gen-script >ibm2mik
              Generates script ibm2mik for converting from CP437 to MIK.

       sh ibm2mik screen.txt
              Convert  screen.txt  from  CP437  to  MIK.   Output  the result on standard output.
              Without parameters ibm2mik acts as filter.


       Anton Zinoviev <>, <>