Provided by: libts0_1.19-1_amd64 bug


       ts_test_mt - A basic multitouch test program for tslib.


       ts_test_mt [OPTION]


       ts_test_mt  is  used to test tslib using ts_read_mt() , see ts_read_mt (3). It can be used
       for single and multi touch devices and lets you test  the  input  behaviour  with  tslib's
       filters applied. Two modes are offered by buttons on the display:

       In  Drag  mode,  one  crosshair  for  each concurrently made touch contact is drawn to the
       framebuffer display.

       In Draw mode, lines are drawed for each touch contact.

       -r, --rotate [value]

           Rotate the screen. value is 0 for 0 degree, 1 for 90 degrees (CW), 2 for  180  degrees
           (upside down) and 3 for 270 degrees (CCW).

       -v, --verbose

           Print the input samples' values to the console.

       -j, --slots

           Override the number of concurrent touch contacts to allocate.

       -i, --idev

           Explicitly  choose  the  original  input  event  device for tslib to use. Default: the
           environment variable TSLIB_TSDEVICE's value.

       -n, --samples

           Automatically exit after having read n samples.

       -a, --altcross

           Show an alternative crosshair symbol at the touch points.


       ts.conf (5), ts_calibrate (1), ts_uinput (1), ts_test (1)