Provided by: gcal_4.1-3_amd64 bug


       Txt2gcal - creates a verbatim Gcal resource file from a text file.


       txt2gcal [--help | --version] | [Text-file | -] [Date-part]


       Txt2gcal  is a program which creates a verbatim Gcal resource file from a text file. If no
       text-file argument is given or/but a single `-' character, the program reads and processes
       all  input  received  from  the standard input channel. If no date-part argument is given,
       Txt2gcal creates a 0 for the date part. All results  are  always  shown  on  the  standard
       output  channel.  An exit status of 0 means all processing is successfully done, any other
       value means an error has occurred.


       --help Print a usage message listing all available options, then exit successfully.

              Print the version number, then exit successfully.


Txt2gcal Copyright (c) 1996, 1997, 2000 Thomas Esken

       This software doesn't claim completeness, correctness or usability.  On principle  I  will
       not be liable for any damages or losses (implicit or explicit), which result from using or
       handling my software.  If you use this software, you agree without any exception  to  this
       agreement, which binds you LEGALLY !!

       Txt2cal  is  free  software  and  distributed  under  the terms of the `GNU General Public
       License'; published by the `Free Software Foundation'; version 2 or (at your  option)  any
       later version.

       Any  suggestions, improvements, extensions, bug reports, donations, proposals for contract
       work, and so forth are welcome!  If you like this tool, I'd  appreciate  a  postcard  from

       Enjoy it   =8^)


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       gcal(1), tcal(1), gcal2txt(1).

                                          June 14, 2000                               TXT2GCAL(1)