Provided by: tzc_2.6.15-5.4_amd64 bug


       tzc - trivial zephyr client


       tzc [options]


       Tzc  is  a  zephyr  client program which talks to the zephyr servers (via the "zephyr host
       manager") and to a gnu-emacs running zephyr-mode.


       A summary of options is included below.

       -a nseconds
              Restart tzc every nseconds seconds.

       -e exposure
              Set exposure.  (values: NONE, OPSTAFF, REALM-VISIBLE, REALM-ANNOUNCED, NET-VISIBLE,

       -l, location
              Set zlocation to the string location.  The default is tzc.n, where n is tzc's pid.

       -p filename
              Write tzc's process-id to the file filename.

       -s     Use zctl for subscriptions (read from ~/zephyr.subs.tzc)

       -t nseconds
              If  no  zephyrgrams  arrive  in  nseconds seconds, send a test message to mkae sure
              we're alive.  If nseconds is zero, disable this feature.  Default is 300 seconds.

       -o     Run tzc in output-only mode.  Tzc will  just  print  zephyrgrams,  and  not  accept
              commands from stdin

       -i     Ignore eof on input

       -d     Print debugging information.


       zephyr(1), zwgc(1), zwrite(1), zctl(1)


       This  manual  page  was written by Theodore Ts'o <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux
       system (but may be used by others).

                                          July 15, 2002                                    TZC(1)