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       u1trial - Python unit test runner for using DBus and Twisted together


       u1trial [options] path


       u1trial  is  a  Python unit test runner. It provides a main loop using the Twisted reactor
       and glib, for running tests based on these libraries.  It also  provides  a  private  DBus
       session daemon for running the tests under, to avoid interaction with the DBus daemon in a
       live session.


       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

       -t TEST, --test=TEST
              run specific tests, e.g: className.methodName

       -l LOOPS, --loop=LOOPS
              loop selected tests LOOPS number of times

       -c, --coverage
              print a coverage report when finished

       -i MODULES, --ignored-modules=MODULES
              comma-separated test modules to ignore, e.g: ","

       -p PATHS, --ignored-paths=PATHS
              comma-separated   relative   paths   to   ignore,   e.g:   "tests/platform/windows,

              Run the tests using the REACTOR for twisted main loop integration.

       --gui  Use the GUI mode of the specified reactor.


       This manual page was written by Rodney Dawes <>.