Provided by: ubuntustudio-installer_0.02_all bug


       ubuntustudio-installer - select packages to install from command line.


       ubuntustudio-installer [ package ] [ package ] ...


       ubuntustudio-installer  is a program that takes a list of packages on the command line and
       presents a GUI list of those packages with description for the user to choose  from.  Only
       the  packages  included  in  the  PPAs  the  machine  knows  about  will be displayed. The
       description is taken from the package control file. This program is meant to be  run  from
       an XDG desktop file so that a distribution can add an install selection to a sub-menu that
       is appropriate for that category.  ubuntustudio-installer is shipped with a menu item that
       will  offer  to  install  workflow software groups ( meta-packages ) from the UbuntuStudio


       It could look prettier.


       Len Ovens <len at ubuntustudio dot org>

                                            JULY 2013                   UBUNTUSTUDIO-INSTALLER(1)