Provided by: libufo-bin_0.15.1-1_amd64 bug


       ufo-launch - Run UFO workflows


       ufo-launch [-t] [-a] [-d] [-q | --quieter] [--version]
                  <task1> [KEY=VALUE] ! <task2> ! ...


       Runs the workflow as specified on the command line. Plugins are specified one by one and
       separated by exclamation marks. Further parameterization is possible by specifying
       key-value assignments before finishing with an exclamation marks.

       To push data from multiple streams enclose input streams in brackets.


       --trace, -t
           Output execution profiles that can be analysed with ufo-prof.

       --address, -a
           Host address of one or more ufod instances.

           Disable output of "[n] items processed ...".

           Disable all output.

           Output version number.


       ·   Convert TIFF to HDF5:

               $ ufo-launch read path=input*.tif ! write filename=output.h5:/foo

       ·   Do flat-field-correction:

               $ ufo-launch [read path=radios, read path=darks, read path=flats] ! \
                            flat-field-correct ! null

                                            01/29/2018                              UFO-LAUNCH(1)