Provided by: uglifyjs_3.4.9-5_all bug


       uglify-js - JavaScript parser, mangler/compressor and beautifier toolkit


              Usage: uglifyjs [options] [files...]


       -V, --version
              output the version number

       -p, --parse <options>
              Specify parser options.

       -c, --compress [options]
              Enable compressor/specify compressor options.

       -m, --mangle [options]
              Mangle names/specify mangler options.

       --mangle-props [options]
              Mangle properties/specify mangler options.

       -b, --beautify [options]
              Beautify output/specify output options.

       -o, --output <file>
              Output file (default STDOUT).

       --comments [filter]
              Preserve copyright comments in the output.

       --config-file <file>
              Read minify() options from JSON file.

       -d, --define <expr>[=value]
              Global definitions.

       -e, --enclose [arg[,...][:value[,...]]]
              Embed everything in a big function, with configurable argument(s) & value(s).

       --ie8  Support non-standard Internet Explorer 8.

              Do    not    mangle/drop    function    names.   Useful   for   code   relying   on

       --name-cache <file>
              File to hold mangled name mappings.

              Force symbol expansion.

              Disable symbol expansion. (default: true)

       --self Build UglifyJS as a library (implies --wrap UglifyJS)

       --source-map [options]
              Enable source map/specify source map options.

              Display operations run time on STDERR.

              Compress and/or mangle variables in toplevel scope.

              Print diagnostic messages.

       --warn Print warning messages.

       --wrap <name>
              Embed everything as a  function  with  ???exports???  corresponding  to  ???name???

       -h, --help
              output usage information