Provided by: uhome_1.3-0ubuntu1_all bug


       uhome - tests whether or not you're home, based on device presence


       uhome [-f|--file FILE] [-q|--quiet] [-t|--tries TRIES]


            -f,  --file  FILE     filename containing list of IP addresses to test, one per line,
       default is ~/.uhome/addresses

            -q, --quiet         Suppress all output

            -t, --tries TRIES   Number of times to ping each IP address, default is 3


       This  utility  will  iterate  over   a   list   of   IP   addresses   in   FILE   (default
       ~/.uhome/addresses), and ping(8) each one of them up to TRIES  times.  If any one of those
       responds successfully, then you're deemed "home" and uhome  exits  successfully,  with  0.
       Otherwise, you must not be home, and uhome exits with 1.


       Look  up  your  phone's IP address, either on your router, or in your Phone -> Settings ->
       About Phone -> Status -> IP Address.

       Add one or more of these to ~/.uhome/addresses.


            $ uhome

            uhome →  Yep!

            $ uhome

            uhome →  Nope!

       Couple this with some logic:

            $ uhome && nest-home || nest-away

       Put this in a cronjob:

            */5 * * * *    uhome && nest-home || nest-away


       ping(8), nest-home(1), nest-away(1), cron(8)


       This manpage and the utility were written by Dustin  Kirkland  <>
       for Ubuntu systems (but may be used by others).  Permission is granted to copy, distribute
       and/or modify this document and the utility under the terms of the Apache2 License.

       The  complete  text  of  the  Apache2  License  can   be   found   in   /usr/share/common-
       licenses/Apache-2.0 on Debian/Ubuntu systems.