Provided by: ui-auto_1.2.10-2_all bug


       ui-auto-release-multi - a tool from the ui-auto tool box.


       Documentation is fully in the usage output via "ui-auto-release-multi -H".  This is just a
       copy for convenience: Wrapper around ui-auto-release to run for multiple projects.

        Setup cook book:
         (1) On initial setup, run once to get the config dir:
             ui-auto-release-multi -n -s dontcare.
         (2) Add a suite: mkdir CONFFDIR/mysuite.d
         (3) Add a project: touch CONFFDIR/mysuite.d/10_myproject.conf
         (4) Run once again using -n: ui-auto-release-multi -n -s mysuite

        The last step will show you what we are actually doing, and what
        config files are sourced.  In each sourced file, you may set the
        special variables UAR_ARGS_ALL and UAR_ARGS -- both will be used
        as arguments for the ui-auto-release call. Use UAR_ARGS_ALL in
        global or per-suite config file, and set UAR_ARGS to special
        project valuse in project config files. Continue configuring
        your suite and check by running with -n until satisfied.

       Usage: ui-auto-release-multi [-h|-H] -c arg -s arg -n

        -h|-H : Get usage help; short (-h) or complete (-H).

        -c arg: Config directory. ['<user-home>/.ui-auto-release-multi']
        -s arg: Select series to run.
        -n    : Don't actually run ui-auto-release, just show what we would do.


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