Provided by: umoci_0.4.4+dfsg-1_amd64 bug


       umoci stat - Display status information about an image tag


       umoci stat --image=image[:tag] [--json]


       Generates various pieces of status information about an image tag, including the history
       of the image.

       WARNING: Do not depend on the output of this tool. Previously we recommended the use of
       --json as the "stable" interface but this interface will be reworked in future.


       The global options are defined in umoci(1).

         The OCI image tag to display information about. image must be a path to a
         valid OCI image and tag must be a valid tag in the image. If tag is not
         provided it defaults to "latest".

         Output the status information as a JSON encoded blob.


       The format of the --json blob is as follows. Many of these fields come from the OCI image
       specification ⟨⟩.

                # This is the set of history entries for the image.
                "history": [
                    "layer":       <descriptor>, # null if empty_layer is true
                    "diff_id":     <diffid>,
                    "created":     <created>,
                    "created_by":  <created_by>,
                    "author":      <author>,
                    "empty_layer": <empty_layer>

       In future versions of umoci(1) there may be extra fields added to the above structure.
       However, the currently defined fields will always be set (until a backwards-incompatible
       release is made).


       The following gets information about an image downloaded from a docker(1) registry using

              % skopeo copy docker://opensuse/amd64:42.2 oci:image:latest
              % umoci stat --image image
              LAYER                                                                   CREATED                        CREATED BY                                                                                        SIZE     COMMENT
              <none>                                                                  2016-12-05T22:52:33.085510751Z /bin/sh -c #(nop)  MAINTAINER SUSE Containers Team <>                          <none>
              sha256:e800e72a0a88984bd1b47f4eca1c188d3d333dc8e799bfa0a02ea5c2697216d5 2016-12-05T22:52:46.570617134Z /bin/sh -c #(nop) ADD file:6e0044405547c4c209fac622b3c6ddc75e7370682197f7920ec66e4e5e00b180 in /  49.25 MB