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       undertime - pick a meeting time


       undertime    [--start    HOUR]   [--end   HOUR]   [--date   WHEN]   [--colors|--no-colors]
       [--default-zone--no-default-zone] [--config FILE ] [timezones]
       undertime --print-zones


       undertime is a program that allows you to quickly pick  a  meeting  time  across  multiple
       timezones  for conference calls or other coordinated events. It shows all times of a given
       day for all the timezones selected, in a table that  aligns  the  time  so  a  line  shows
       simultaneous  times  across  all  timezones.  This takes into account daylight savings and
       other peculiarities (provided that the local timezone database is up to date) so  you  can
       also schedule meetings in the future as well.

       An  educated  guess  is  made  to find the relevant timezones: the local timezone is first
       guessed and added to the list, then the arguments on the commandline are looked up in  the
       internal  timezone  database. Spaces in arguments are replaced by underscores and all-caps
       versions of lowercase strings are tried as well. When failing to match a provided timezone
       against  the  internal  list,  a warning is emitted. A complete list of timezones is shown
       when the --print-zones commandline option is provided.

       Colors are used to highlight the "work hours" where possible meeting times  could  overlap
       and  the  current  time is marked in bold. Colors are replaced by an underscore suffix and
       the current time by a star if colors are disabled. You can change those  work  hours  with
       the  --start  and  --end flags. Because daylight savings may actually change time, you can
       also use the --date time to pick an arbitrary time for the meeting, using natural language
       (as parsed by the parsedatetime library). The current time is also shown, in bold.


       --start HOUR, -s HOUR
              start of working day, in hours

       --end HOUR, -e HOUR
              end of working day, in hours

       --date WHEN, -d WHEN
              target date for the meeting, supports arbitrary dates like "in two weeks"

       --colors, --no-colors
              show colors. enabled by default if output is a terminal.

       --default-zone, --no-default-zone
              show current timezone first

              show valid timezones and exit

       --config FILE
              load YAML config FILE as defaults.

       -h, --help
              Show summary of options and defaults


       TZ     Default timezone.

              If this environment variable is defined, no color will be shown unless the --colors
              flag is passed. Comforming to NO_COLOR informal standard ⟨


       ~/.config/undertime.yml $XDG_CONFIG_DIR/undertime.yml
              The configuration file loaded by default, if present.  The  configuration  file  is
              formatted  as  a  YAML  dictionary,  where  keys are the long option names (without
              dashes) and the values are their values.  Comments  start  with  the  #  character.
              Options  provided as arguments override the defaults set in the configuration file,
              particularly  timezones.  For  example,  this  means  timezones  specified  in  the
              configuration  file  are  ignored  ignored  when  also  specified as arguments. The
              --config parameter allows you to load another configuration file,  on  top  of  the
              default one, using the same logic, allowing you to have multiple "presets".


   Command line options
       undertime "New York" "Los Angeles" Paris
              Display possible meeting times for three major cities.

       undertime -s 8 -e 18 --date 2014-03-15
              Show a longer work day in march 2014.

   Configuration file
       Set the above timezones as default:
              timezones: [US/Central, US/Pacific, Europe/Paris]

       Set the work day to be between 10 and 1800 hours:
              start: 10
              end: 18

       Disable colors:
              colors: false


       tzselect(8) tzfile(5)
       Timezones list ⟨⟩
       parsedatetime Python package ⟨⟩

                                               2018                                  UNDERTIME(1)