Provided by: unifont-bin_11.0.03-1_amd64 bug


       unifont1per - Create BMP glyph files from GNU Unifont .hex file


       unifont1per < input_file.hex


       unifont1per  reads a GNU Unifont .hex file and for each code point in the file, creates an
       output Bitmapped Graphics (".bmp") file in the current directory.  The filename  for  each
       output file is "U+codepoint.bmp", where codepoint is the Unicode codepoint for the glyph.

       Each  glyph entry in a Unifont .hex file is expected to be 16 rows tall, and can be 8, 16,
       24, or 32 pixels wide.  The glyph sizes in output files are determined on a glyph-by-glyph

       This  program can be of use in extracting individual glyphs to display in a document or on
       a web page.

       WARNING!  This program generates one output file per code point that appears in the  input
       stream.   If  you  feed  this  program a file with 1000 code points, it will generate 1000
       files in your current directory.




       *.hex GNU Unifont font files, read from standard input


       bdfimplode(1),   hex2bdf(1),   hex2sfd(1),   hexbraille(1),    hexdraw(1),    hexkinya(1),
       hexmerge(1),   johab2ucs2(1),  unibdf2hex(1),  unibmp2hex(1),  unicoverage(1),  unidup(1),
       unifont(5),   unifont-viewer(1),    unifontchojung(1),    unifontksx(1),    unifontpic(1),
       unigencircles(1),    unigenwidth(1),    unihex2bmp(1),    unihex2png(1),    unihexfill(1),
       unihexgen(1), unipagecount(1), unipng2hex(1)


       unifont1per was written by Paul Hardy.


       unifont1per is Copyright © 2017 Paul Hardy.

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of
       the  GNU  General  Public  License  as  published  by the Free Software Foundation; either
       version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.


       No known real bugs exist, except that this  software  does  not  perform  extensive  error
       checking  on  its  input  files.  If they're not in the format of the original GNU Unifont
       .hex file, all bets are off.  Lines can be terminated either with line feed,  or  carriage
       return plus line feed.

                                           2017 Jun 11                             UNIFONT1PER(1)