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       unlog - Discards all of the issuer's tokens


       unlog [-cell <cell name>+] [-help]

       unlog [-c <cell name>+] [-h]


       The unlog command by default discards all tokens that the issuer currently holds. To
       discard tokens for certain cells only, name them with the -cell argument.

       Since a token pertains to one client machine only, destroying tokens on one machine has no
       effect on tokens on another machine.


       Specifying one or more cell names can cause a brief authentication outage during which the
       issuer has no valid tokens in any cell. This is because the command actually discards all
       tokens and then restores the ones for cells not named by the -cell argument. The outage
       can sometimes interrupt the operation of jobs that require authentication.


       -cell <cell name>+
           Specifies each cell for to discard the token. If this argument is omitted, the Cache
           Manager discards all tokens. Provide the fully qualified domain name, or a shortened
           form, in which case successful resolution depends on the availability of a name
           resolution service (such as the Domain Name Service or a local host table) at the time
           the command is issued.

           Prints the online help for this command. All other valid options are ignored.


       The following command discards all tokens.

          % unlog

       The following command discards only the tokens for the "" and
       "" cells.

          % unlog -cell testcell




       klog(1), tokens(1)


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