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       upet2mnc - convert a Concorde microPET format file to a MINC format file.


       upet2mnc [<options>] <infile> <outfile.mnc>

       upet2mnc -help


       The upet2mnc command is used to convert Concorde microPET format files to MINC format.

       The  microPET  format  consists of two files, a binary image and a text header. The header
       file generally has the same name as the image with the suffix ".hdr"  appended.   Normally
       you can specify the name of either the binary image or the text header file on the command
       line.  However, both of the files should be in the same directory  for  the  converter  to
       locate both files correctly.


       Note  that  options  can be specified in abbreviated form (as long as they are unique) and
       can be given anywhere on the command line.

       -head  Orient the image according to typical neurological conventions,  with  the  Y  axis
              oriented  from  the  posterior  to  anterior,  the Z axis oriented from inferior to
              superior, and X oriented from patient left to patient right.

       -body  Orient the image such that the Y axis is oriented from superior to inferior, the  Z
              axis  is  oriented  from  posterior to anterior, and X from patient left to patient

       -quiet Quiet operation - do not print progress or debugging information.

Generic options for all commands

       -help  Print summary of command-line options and abort

              Print the program and library versions and abort


       Robert Vincent (


       Copyrights 2005 by Robert Vincent for the Montreal Neurological Institute.

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