Provided by: sympa_6.2.40~dfsg-1_amd64 bug


       upgrade_shared_repository, - Migrating shared repository
       created by earlier versions

 --list LISTNAME --robot DOMAIN --all_lists
           [ --fix_qencode ]

DESCRIPTION renames file names in shared repositories that may be
       incorrectly encoded because of previous Sympa versions.

       ·   As of Sympa 5.3a.8, file names in shared repository are Q-encoded, therefore made
           easier to store on any filesystem with any encoding.

       ·   As of Sympa 6.1b.5, Encoding of shared documents was not consistent with recent
           version of MIME::EncWords module: MIME::EncWords::encode_mimewords() used to encode
           characters "-!*+/".  Now these characters are preserved, according to RFC 2047 section
           5.  We had to change encoding of shared documents according to new algorithm.


       --list LISTNAME --robot DOMAIN
           Specifies target list(s).

           If specified, fixes Q-encoding changed on Sympa 6.1b.5.  Otherwise, applies Q-encoding
           introduced by Sympa 5.3a.8.

HISTORY appeared as separate executable on Sympa 6.2.17.