Provided by: sympa_6.2.40~dfsg-1_amd64 bug


       upgrade_sympa_password, - Upgrading password in database

 [--dry_run|-n] [--debug|d] [--verbose|v] [--config file ] [--cache file] [--nosavecache] [--noupdateuser] [--limit|l number_of_users]


           Shows what will be done but won't really perform the upgrade process.

           Print additional debugging information during the upgrade process.

           Print verbose logging messages during the upgrade process.

       --config FILENAME
           Specify the pathname of the file to use as the Sympa configuration file.  Otherwise
           the system default Sympa configuration file is used.

       --cache FILENAME
           Specify the pathname of a file to store precalculated hashes for reuse on subsequent
           runs of the script.

           The file is created if it does not already exist.

           This option is useful for large sites using intentionally expensive password hashes
           such as bcrypt. In that case this script can be run in advance to precalculate hashes
           and reduce the time required during the final upgrade process.

           WARNING: since it contains sensitive password data, this file should be protected as
           carefully as any other password file, or a database dump of the Sympa user_table.

           Disables updates of the cache. The cache is still consulted if specified with

           Disables updates of the user_table. Mostly useful when precalculating user hashes in


       Versions later than 5.4 use one-way hashes instead of symmetric encryption to store
       passwords. This script upgrades any symmetric encrypted passwords it finds to one-way

       Versions later than 6.2.26 support bcrypt.

       This upgrade requires to rewriting user password entries in the database.  This upgrade IS


       As of Sympa 3.1b.7, passwords may be stored into user table with encrypted form by
       reversible RC4.

       Sympa 5.4 or later uses MD5 one-way hash function to encode user passwords.

       Sympa 6.2.26 or later has optional support for bcrypt.