Provided by: rxvt-unicode_9.22-6_amd64 bug


       searchable-scrollback - incremental scrollback search (enabled by default)


       Adds regex search functionality to the scrollback buffer, triggered by the
       "searchable-scrollback:start" action (bound to "M-s" by default). While in search mode,
       normal terminal input/output is suspended and a regex is displayed at the bottom of the

       Inputting characters appends them to the regex and continues incremental search.
       "BackSpace" removes a character from the regex, "Up" and "Down" search upwards/downwards
       in the scrollback buffer, "End" jumps to the bottom. "Escape" leaves search mode and
       returns to the point where search was started, while "Enter" or "Return" stay at the
       current position and additionally stores the first match in the current line into the
       primary selection if the "Shift" modifier is active.

       The regex defaults to "(?i)", resulting in a case-insensitive search. To get a case-
       sensitive search you can delete this prefix using "BackSpace" or simply use an uppercase
       character which removes the "(?i)" prefix.

       See perlre for more info about perl regular expression syntax.